A Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing a Home
Buying a home is both exciting and demanding.
Homeownership comes with a variety of financial and cultural benefits:

  • Building equity. Despite short-term ups and downs in the market, most people
  who buy homes and live in them for a long period recoup their investment as the
  value of the house, and their proportion of ownership, grows.

  • Tax and cash flow advantages. Mortgage interest is currently deductible, which
  makes it easier to afford a house.

  • Self-determination. Your home is yours. You can do what you want with it
  (within the limitations of zoning, homeowners’ association regulations, and the
  law, of course).
  • Community and personal stability. Homeownership correlates with greater
  wealth, higher educational achievements of children, and neighborhood quality of life.

The process of buying a home pivots on your financial resources, both current and future.
You will need to sort what you need from what you want, and narrow down your options
from there.